Project Description

Longtime client Richardson RFPD asked us to help create a new website that would spotlight the GaN and SiC technologies offered by their suppliers, as well as act as an informational hub for news, events and other happenings in the worldwide GaN and SiC landscape.

The result, which we’ve also maintained and updated over the last year or so since it launched, is the GaN & SiC Tech Hub for Power Electronics.

The site needed to have plenty of room to grow and have big, splashy features (check), with links back to the main Richardson RFPD website for ecommerce (check, check), as well as the flexibility to include a range of materials — from free eBooks to new brochures, tradeshow info, and more. (Check, check, check.)

The client likes it so much, that we’re already at work on another Tech Hub. This time for IoT. Stay tuned!