Project Description

We’ve been hired by Radiology Partners to help rollout an RP co-brand to some of the local practices. At the same time, we’re producing some much-needed collateral to be used for local marketing purposes. One of the key pieces for all radiology groups is a physician guide that introduces the radiologists and includes their photos, specialties and bios, so that’s one of the fronts we’re tackling in the early days of the co-brand campaign.

This Louisville Radiology Imaging Consultants is just one example of the physician guides we’ve been working on. It carries the co-branded logo (note the smaller Radiology Partners practice mark beneath the main RIC logo) and then continues with the overall look and feel of the local practice. It’s clean, concise, eye-catching and practical — and we’ve managed to save on printing costs with a layout that requires only one 17×11″ flat that is folded into a letter-size booklet. No binding or extra paper costs here. Plus, we are able to leverage a long-time relationship with a local printer to produce smallish quantities on an as-needed basis, so adding new pictures, doctor information, etc. doesn’t result in wasting batches of outdated brochures.

Flip through the physician guide here!