Project Description

Sometimes clients need a little inspiration or fresh set of eyes on a project, even when they have wonderfully talented in-house graphic designers. Richardson RFPD is a long-time client, and we do everything from press release copywriting to branding consulting, collateral support and special development projects for them.

They regularly run print ads in a variety of industry publications featuring various Richardson RFPD suppliers and products, and sometimes we help out with a little imagery and layout support, like with these two ads. By mocking-up some ideas, we helped connect the dots between technical information (hey, we “speak semiconductors” thanks to 15 years of industry experience!) and company branding, and also helped the client meet a couple of tight deadlines.

Some Kind Words from the Client: “Wow, that’s really clever Robyn. That’s why I’m an engineer/marketing person and not a MarCom marketing person!” Dave Silvius, Director, Strategic Marketing, Richardson RFPD