Project Brief

Radiology Partners Houston, formerly Houston Progressive Radiology Associates, had recently merged with Radiology Partners and needed its website redesigned to reflect its new name, direction and association with Radiology Partners. The new site needed to be eye-catching and current, but uncluttered, and it needed to coordinate with the newly-developing parent brand and collateral materials.


HPRA old website


Screenshots of New Website

RP Houston homepage slider
RP Houston locations

Skills Needed

HPRA had been a client for years, so we were well-familiar with their business and message. We leveraged that knowledge with our experience with mergers and the typical requirements of new parent companies, and we were able to deliver a website that reflected the new name, direction and brand, with minimal time and effort required from the client.

Branding 100%
Web Design 100%
Fast Turnaround 100%
Self-Directed 100%
RP Houston website

Initial Concept Planning

The new site needed to mirror the brand of the parent company’s website but include all the particulars and personnel of the Houston practice. A streamlined site map was quickly developed to go along with the new look.

Drafts & Revisions

We created a live development site where the client could see our progress and offer feedback at their convenience. The entire site was then quickly built-out to include all the vital information.

Final Delivery

Now that the new website is complete (and of course, mobile-friendly!), we are working with the client’s preexisting hosting contract to get the new site optimized and live.

Name Changes & Websites

Launching a new company name and/or logo can be tricky. There are a lot of bases to cover, and reprinting everything from business cards to signage can get expensive. Websites are a great place to make a strong statement about who you are, the reason for the new identity, and details about your services, products and values. (And don’t forget a renewed SEO push to get your new name in front of your audience.)

Excellent Results

The site we created is professional, clean, responsive, and easy to navigate and update, with features that are both attractive and functional. It includes a custom portfolio of the Radiology Partners Houston radiologists that can be sorted by specialty, along with a detailed, interactive map of Greater Houston that includes locations and contact information for associated hospitals.