Project Description

We don’t just make pretty pictures and fancy websites around here… We can also dig in and write some pretty darn good copy for various projects. Give us some bullet points, and we’ll write your brochure. Need a case study? We’ve got you covered. Press releases are, of course, no problem.

But what about a niche, technical, industry insider white paper, you say? Can do. We can work with your expert (who, let’s face it, has other things to do that might not leave loads of time to write a paper), put together an outline, then write a nifty first draft complete with sources and footnotes that will get us most of the way home. That way, your expert can simply review what we’ve written and weigh-in with notes and corrections. Then we’ll polish up a final product that can be submitted to industry journals, distributed to your customers, and published on your website. (And do we even need to say it? We can do it on time to meet that industry publication deadline.)

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